10 Best Places to Retire in the UK

Now that you’re retired, it’s time to focus on yourself and the things you love. Traffic, proximity to your workplace and convenience are some of the factors you had to consider when choosing the best place to live when you were working. But be sure to make your new home safe with a high-quality and affordable stairlift.

Now that it’s not a factor anymore, you can live just about anywhere you want in the world. The UK, in particular, has some great places where you can start a new life doing what you love! Here are the best 10.

  1. York

York is a firm favourite among retirees and also one of the best places to live. Littered with local landmarks and interesting sights at your doorstep, life in York will be the best beginning to your retirement.

The city has one of the most famous shopping streets, is rich with cultural heritage and character, making it one of the best places if you’re looking for an active retirement.

One thing that stands out about York is the traffic-free, clean and quiet city centre. Perfect for a retiree to stroll around doing their business without the hustle and bustle that comes with most other cities.

For a more quiet and peaceful life, consider living in areas like Pocklington or Boroughbridge.  They are just a short distance from the city centre with just enough tranquillity and liveliness.

  1. Devon

Devon is popular because of its warm climate and scenic views. It’s the perfect hideaway for retirees running away from the busy cities.

The picturesque towns along the coastlines, plenty of retiree-friendly places in the county and England’s first natural World Heritage Site (the Jurassic Coast) are some of the reasons this county ranks highly as a retiree favourite.

The perfect blend of city amenities and scenic views gives this county the muscle to care for all kinds of people with different hobbies and interests.

The rural setting gives that peace and tranquillity to let you coast through life and be one with nature. While here, you will get to enjoy the beautiful beaches, the outstanding Jurassic Coast and the English Rivera without losing touch with socialisation.

  1. Somerset

Somerset is a tranquil, picturesque location ideal for retirees looking for a quiet and peaceful environment.

If you’d like to be more particular, West Somerset is best suited for retirees. It has a vast population with differing property options to suit the different buyers and budgets. You can choose your next home for the coastal or countryside views and property here is generally cheaper.

Somerset is perfect for a retiree that is looking to marvel at the beauty England has to offer. The rural community gives you a delicate balance between tranquillity and civilisation and you’re never far away from amenities.

The town of Taunton Deane is the most popular sprinkled with scenic views of the Quantock Hills in the north and Blackdown hills in the south.

The transport system here is advanced complete with a rail hub close to the M5 which is perfect if you have family that wants to drop by over the weekend.

  1. Norfolk

If you prefer to live in Norfolk, you have to choose your area carefully. For decades, South Norfolk and the East Anglian coasts have been retiree magnets. They still are! The North Norfolk Coast, however, is quickly catching up and you can take advantage of its lesser popular status and make the most out of it.

The warmer climate and the seaside views of the north are quite tempting particularly if you’re looking to have a less busy lifestyle and prefer peace, serenity and an abundance of wildlife.

The Wells-Next-the-Sea is a particularly great town with stunning white sandy beaches with excellent quaint tea rooms to relax as you take your afternoon cup of tea.

If you’re looking to leave your mark through charity work on the environment, Hethersett is the place for you. They have a plethora of initiatives you can take part in which include having bio-degradable bags, litter, and ample street lighting. The county has both lively and quiet places, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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  1. Scotland

Scotland has a host of affordable seaside town that will not drain your pension fund. It’s perfect for active retirees who want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes which make excellent walking trails.

If you want a more traditional lifestyle, Dunfermline will fit in just fine. It’s known for affordable living and its proximity to the capital is an advantage you can’t overlook. The blend between tradition but not too far from civilisation is perfect if you’re not looking to go off the grid entirely.

The best thing about living in Scotland is the diversity it offers. You will be spoilt for things to see, landmarks, culture and even diversity of lifestyle. The region also has a variety of additional perks other than living for seniors like free personal care and NHS descriptions for everybody.

  1. Lincolnshire

This is England’s second-largest county. That title comes with plenty of responsibility and diversity.

Despite the size, the county is not overpopulated. The prices and the cost of living are manageable so you get to save more when you live here.

There’s plenty of adventure for those that want to keep an active lifestyle and the dreamy quietness ensures you have a tranquil and peaceful lifestyle when you want it.

There are plenty of activities here to take up your free time like seal and bird watching, festivals and events you can take part in and you can always take a walk in one of the many trails.

If you have any mobility issues or you would like to plan ahead, the Skegness area is a good spot. It’s relatively flat making it a hotspot for cyclists and the disabled.

  1. Swansea

Swansea has some of the most eye-popping coastlines at the Gower Peninsula. It’s the perfect place to retire if you want to wake up to the beauty of nature every morning.

The numerous seaside towns make it easier to get a property and with the multiple parks, you have a great place to spend your time each day.

Swansea has no much scenery and wildlife to explore making the perfect place for lovers of nature.

  1. Newcastle Upon Tyne

This has been voted as one of the happiest cities in the UK. Even though most of the population here is young because of the universities, the friendliness and warmth of the locals will sweep you offer your feet.

The unique blend of age, culture, and tradition makes this one of the best places to retire in the UK.

It has a rich heritage, regular events taking place and it’s awash with restaurants, bars, and museum across the city. You will also get to see the engineering mastery of the beautiful bridges around the city.

If you want to get rid of the busy city life without getting rid of the city, this is going to be an excellent place for you. It has that city life kind of buzz and there are different towns that you can relocate too that are quieter and more tranquil.

  1. Cornwall

This beautiful county also happens to be one of the best places to start your new life in retirement. It doubles up a popular holiday destination so you’re assured it’s packed with activity and life.

While here, you’ll get to enjoy the panoramic views, beautiful beaches and most importantly, a slower pace of life.

Cornwall is not short of attractions. You will get to see Tintagel Castle and the Eden Project. The climate here is warmer too for a relaxing yet active outdoors kind of lifestyle.

With the numerous tourists that flock, Cornwall, you also have the chance to mingle with new cultures, make friends from all over the world and even take up some water sports during summer.

  1. Lake District

Last in our list of the best places to retire in the UK is the Hiker’s paradise – Lake District. It’s one of the best places to retire for those that are still in their prime and like being one with nature. It was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it’s also home to the largest national park, the biggest lake, and the highest mountain.

At Lake District, you will never run short of sites to explore. You will also get an opportunity to take down world-class cuisines at the various Michelin-starred restaurants and hotels around town.

What’s even more impressive is the inexpensive cost of living despite the popularity of the Lake District.

Whether you’re looking to take a short sabbatical or move away permanently when retirement strikes, these great places will make the perfect destination for you. Each of them is unique in its own way and provides an extraordinary experience. All you have to do is pick which of them works best for you.

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