6 Benefits of Buying a Home Lift

For the longest time, homeowners considered buying a home lift a luxury. In some cases, it has also been considered necessary for medical reasons. However, as most people are starting to figure out, having a home lift comes with its set of advantages. If you have been thinking about installing a home lift but you’re not sure about it, here are a few benefits you stand to gain that could help you make the right decision.

1. Saves Space 

If you’re thinking of installing a home lift before you break ground on your home, it will not only be an exquisite addition to the home but will also save you on space giving you more space around the house. Compared to having a flight of staircases, a home lift takes up less space. What’s more, the home lift can be installed outside and have access doors on the inside of the house. Because of its space-saving nature, a home lift could revolutionise your design and allow you to have more space instead of having a staircase.

2. Increased Accessibility

Adding a domestic lift to your home can bring amazing benefits, such as increasing the level of accessibility of the building. For those who may struggle with stairs or moving between floors due to limited mobility (something which impacts one half of adults 65 or older), opting for a home lift could be a very elegant solution.

Home lift

3. Improved Safety

Stairs can be extremely dangerous and difficult for a number of people, but installing a home lift will improve the safety of your home. Stairs can lead to numerous accidents, including trips and falls, bumps and scrapes, especially for children and those of older age. If you’re looking to increase the safety of your home, perhaps you have small children or an elderly relative staying with you, then installing a lift can eliminate the problem staircases cause and provide a safe method of travel between floors. 

4. Future Proofing Your Home

Right now, you might think that a lift isn’t something you need, however, if you choose to install one you are preparing your home for the future. Situations and circumstances can appear at any time, especially the older we get, so preparing for the future can be a clever move to make. By adding a lift to your home today, you won’t have to worry about not being able to use your stairs as you age. Why wait until you are struggling to get up the stairs? Get everything in place now, enjoy the luxury and style that home lifts bring, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your future is taken care of.

5. Property Value

It doesn’t matter if you’re not planning on staying in your home forever, if you equip your house with a home lift it is a smart move for the future. Multi floored houses that have a lift installed rather than just stairs often pitch higher selling prices. Not only do they increase the price of your house, but they allow you to expand the pool of potential buyers as well as you’re now a viable option for those with mobility issues. 

6. Functionality 

A home lift is not just another thing you will have in your house that collects dust with no use. It’s actually a functional feature that can make a huge difference in your home and make life a lot simpler. For instance, it makes the work of going up and down the stairs much easier. It also saves you the trouble of having to carry heavy and bulky items up to the stairs which could actually be dangerous.

If you have a family member that has limited mobility, installing a home lift can make it easier for them to enjoy the full range of the house. Because the lift is not difficult to use, it can be installed even for an elderly person living alone.

Check out our home lifts here at Access BDD and improve your home today. For more information on buying a home lift, contact our team who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

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