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ISO 14001 Environmental Management

15th July 2016

We are delighted to have been re-accredited with BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification until 2019.

Our Health and Safety Controller explained more about our ISO 14001 accreditation and its significance for our employees and partners.

“Our ISO 14001 accreditation is an important part of ensuring that we provide the highest quality of service to our customers as well as adhering to recognised European-wide environmental standards. It’s something we can all be involved in”.

Managing our environmental responsibilities carefully is an important goal for Access BDD and our ISO 14001 compliance reflects this. With two inspections per year to ensure that we abide by the ISO framework, it requires an on-going environmental management system to identify, manage, monitor and control our impact on the environment through our business operations.

In general, the ISO Environmental Management targets help to improve our environmental performance through efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

ISO 14001 applies to us on a daily basis in the office by ensuring that we monitor:

  • Office utilities usage within the business (reducing energy and water consumption);
  • Company vehicle fuel consumption;
  • Office-related recycling (waste packaging, paper, batteries);
  • Installation-related recycling (wood and metal recycling).

Along with its environmental impact, ISO 14001 brings further benefits to us and to our partners by helping to ensure that we are using our resources cost-effectively, for example, moving to paperless order-processing to reduce the amount we spend on stationery.

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