Dolphin South West

Dolphin Devon Stairlifts South West Ltd., 22 Marsh Lane, Lords Meadow Industrial Estate, Crediton, Devon EX17 1EU, UK

Dolphin Stairlifts (South West) Ltd are an independent provider of stairlifts, through-the-floor lifts, pool hoists and other lifting solutions to clients in Devon. As such, we are also referred to as ‘Dolphin Devon Stairlifts’.

We are an independent suppliers and fitters of straight and curved stairlifts, through-floor lifts, low-rise and step platform lifts, and reconditioned and rental stairlifts. Every home is different – and so is every one of our stairlifts. Whether your home has straight stairs or curved stairs, indoors or outdoors, when it comes to getting you up the stairs, we have a stairlift right for you.