How Do I Stop My Stairlift From Beeping?

Stairlifts are crucial for maintaining independence and freedom around the house, especially if you have limited mobility. If you have a stairlift, you know how important it is in helping you move around the house quickly and without pain.

Stairlifts, like other electronics, are designed with various safety measures to help you use them safely and notify you when something is incorrect. One of the ways an Access BDD stairlift alerts you is by making a beeping sound. Even though the sound can be annoying and frustrating, in many cases, it’s for your own good and safety.

This guide aims to help you understand why your stairlift might be making that beeping sound and how to eliminate it.

The Stairlift’s battery is low

Stairlifts come equipped with a built-in battery that is used in case of a power outage. However, if the stairlift has been unused for a while, the battery may run low and cause the lift to emit a beeping sound, which serves as a notification that the battery needs attention.

This safety feature ensures that you are not caught off-guard when the stairlift needs to operate on the battery.

It is important to note that if the stairlift has low batteries, it requires immediate attention. This can be inconvenient and make it difficult to move around the house. In some cases, it may stop working suddenly, leaving you stranded in the middle of the house.

If you encounter any issues with the battery of your stairlift, you can always contact our vast network of dealers to help you replace the battery and ensure that your stairlift runs smoothly again.

The stairlift is not correctly aligned with its charging station

Sometimes, your stairlift might beep due to a problem with the charging station. This could be caused by a faulty connection, which is why Access BDD stairlifts come with an intelligent charger that beeps to signal users when the charging connection is compromised.

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The issue might be as simple as a loose plug on the charger, and this can be fixed easily. However, if the problem is more complicated, you will need the assistance of a certified Access BDD dealer. The first step is to ensure that the plug is firmly connected to the power outlet and that all connections are secure and the switches are in the on position. If this doesn’t stop the beeping, you can use our ‘Find a Dealer’ tool to locate a dealer near you who can help you diagnose and repair the stairlift.

The safety sensors are obstructed

Access BDD stairlifts are fitted with safety sensors on the motor and footrest. The sensors help to detect obstructions that can stop the stairlifts or cause accidents. If the safety sensors sense an obstacle on the stairs, rail or underneath, the stairlift will automatically and safely stop and emit a beeping sound.

Sometimes the sensors can be triggered when the user’s legs leave the footrest. It helps protect the user from getting injured if their legs accidentally slip off the footrest.

Check the rail, the stairs and the stairlift for any obstructions. You can also check if there’s any dust or cobwebs on the sensors. Any obstruction can cause the sensors to produce the beeping.

The circuit breaker to your house has tripped

A stairlift beep doesn’t always refer to a problem with the stairlift. It could also be something to do with the electrical. For instance, a circuit breaker trip happens when too many appliances are plugged into one outlet.

Usually, when there is a break, the sockets associated with that breaker might not work. Check your fuse box and ensure all the breakers are in the same position. If there’s one that has tripped, turn it back on.

After fixing the circuit breaker, your stairlift should stop beeping. If the tripped breaker is recurrent, you should consider having a professional look at your home’s wiring. 

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These are the most common reasons for the beeping sound in your stairlift and how you can address them. If you’re certain these are not the reasons for the beeping, you should get in touch with your dealer to have the stairlift extensively diagnosed to identify and fix the problem.

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