Case study: 101 Mobility North New Jersey

By Bethany Ward on 25th June 2024

Access BDD in conjunction with one of its North American business partners – 101 Mobility helped a New Jersey family continue to live in their family home by installing a Flow X curved stairlift.

Robert Anderson had been finding the stairs increasingly challenging and his wife Judith had noticed that he was becoming weaker due to muscle wastage. “I could see that Robert was getting visibly weaker and he subsequently had a couple of falls after which he was unable to get back up.  As I was getting increasingly concerned about the stairs in our home, I decided the time had come to look for a solution that would enable Robert to use the stairs safely and independently” explained Judith.

Judith contacted North New Jersey based 101 Mobility who visited the family at home to assess the environment and discuss with Judith and Robert what options were available.  After several conversations Dave Muti from 101 Mobility recommended an Access BDD Flow X curved stairlift as the most suitable solution.  “101 Mobility and Dave have supported us through all the frustrations and difficulties you encounter when someone starts to lose their mobility and I would not have come up with such a great solution without Dave.  This is equipment you are going to depend on day in and day out and you need to know that the people who make the equipment will support it and I feel that Access BDD will do that.  The Flow X has made such a difference“.

See how the Flow X stairlift was able to transform the lives of Robert and Judith.

“We will only install a product if we have faith in it providing the right solution and that is certainly the case with Access BDD.  As a company, they have been operating in Europe for over 40 years, so they have a proven track record and we are delighted to be working with them here in North America”.  We provide an impactful change to people’s lives by providing them with the independence they need to enable them to stay in their home.  If you want a feel-good business, there is nothing better than this” explained Dave Muir.

“When Dave reached out to us and explained the situation, we were delighted to support him.  At Access BDD we aim to support all our business partners as they play an integral part in our business, and we are always looking to build long term relationships with them and hope that they will benefit from our product portfolio and the support we offer.  As a manufacturer, it is incredibly rewarding to hear what a difference the Flow X and 101 Mobility we have made to the Anderson family” commented Melissa Davies, Access BDD’s Head of Business Development North America