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Access BDD is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Curved Stairlifts

Curve Stairlifts are a great choice if the user is able to stand on the stairlift. They are usually installed in homes have a narrow staircase and can also work great for users who can’t bend their knees or hip joints as a result of medical condition or injury.

For straight or curved staircases

Ergonomic design

Accessibility for all


The Flow2 Stairlift is a compact discreet and unobtrusive mobility solution. Its award-winning design and use of patented technology allow the stairlift to work around the tightest curves without compromising the safety of the user.

Plenty of research has gone into designing and making of the Flow2. Unlike most stairlifts, it can be installed on either side of the staircase making it easier to install on multiple floor installations.

With multiple features like foldable design, ASL technology and customised rails and seat, the Flow2 offers a rich collection of benefits that makes it the ultimate convenience and mobility partner for anyone looking to regain freedom in their home.

To make it, even more, convenience, your opinion and preferences are included during the designing of the Flow2 making it easier to use and more appealing to all users. The unparalleled level of customisation on both the rail and seat make it either standout or as discreet as you want.


HomeGlide is designed for and in conjunction with stairlift users to provide a functional and practical mobility solution.
With features like quick installation, battery backup, and two remote controls, this unique stairlift has all your mobility challenges taken care of. The stairlift has an ergonomic design but remains simple to make installation and operation easy.
The operation of the stairlift is by a joystick which is easy to operate even by users with debilitating conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Built to adhere to the highest international standards, the HomeGlide stairlift focuses on the two most important goals which are safety and comfort. The manual swivelling feature helps the user to get on and off the chair safely while the seatbelt keeps you in position while the chair is in motion.

The pressure sensitive edging around the stairlift is also a standard that adds an extra layer of security in case there's an obstruction or tripping hazard.

HomeGlide Extra

HomeGlide Extra is the perfect option for users who want nothing short of the best. It’s a premium model that comes with a variety of additional features which include a linked seat and footrest.

In addition to the cutting edge technology that comes with all our stairlifts, you also get to choose from ten different colours depending on your preference and décor. Other features include an adjustable seat height making the HomeGlide Extra a perfect fit for multiple users.

The HomeGlide Extra offers an additional weight limit of up to 146kgs and a staircase angle of up to 45 degrees. The armrests are curved and fold in to make the user feel more secure. When not in use, the HomeGlide Extra neatly folds for storage saving you the trouble of having to fold the stairlift manually.

If you want comfort, security and safety with plenty of customisable options, the HomeGlide Extra is a great fit. You can choose some additional features to make the stairlift better suited to your needs on top of the standard features offered with the stairlift.

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Homes with curved staircases have been on the rise. With the unique design of the stairs, it requires innovation and world-class engineering to come up with impressive stairlifts that are capable of overcoming the challenge at hand.

Access BDD has been at the forefront of innovation in the mobility industry and one of our most notable creations are the stairlifts for curved staircases. For over 20 years, we have innovated and tested our products to ensure that you can guarantee your clients the best safety standards when using our stairlifts for curved staircases.

We can customise for every home

In addition to having unique requirements to help improve your mobility, we also understand that different homes have different obstacles. To overcome this, we have come up with patented and world-leading technologies which is why our stairlifts are highly sought after.

The most notable in our line-up of impressive stairlifts for curved stairs is the Flow2 stairlift which has proven to be one of the most reliable options in the market with an ability to manoeuvre the tightest corners and curves without affecting the experience of the user. The stairlift was introduced in 2006 and is fitted with the patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling Technology (ASL).

Quality Tested

The Flow2 has been tested in a variety of settings. It has been installed in different countries and to prove just how successful the Flow2 is, it was installed on a staircase with a record break 29 curves and it performed excellently. It was also installed in a spiral staircase and that also proved to be successful.

We take the design and building of our stairlifts very seriously and we always want to make sure we have all the details of every design and chair right. We are thorough and will always ask for the proper details and measurements to make sure we can help you deliver and install the perfect stairlift for curved staircases and help your clients realize freedom in their homes.

Guaranteed safety and quality

We have been in the business for over 20 years. We have the experience and skill to build world-class assisted living equipment facilities with extreme accuracy. With our equipment and skill, you’re of the best results and high customer satisfaction rate.

All our standing stairlifts are made with incredible precision and are thoroughly tested to make sure they adhere to the highest standards of safety. With us, you have a partner that is dedicated to the quality and safety of the products we produce guaranteeing the best possible results for you and your clients.

We take care of the design and manufacturing

You don’t need to worry about investing in the equipment or team to produce the chairs. With our years of experience and excellence in engineering, we will take care of the designing, manufacturing and testing of each of the stairlifts.

It takes the burden of quality assurance from you and allows you to focus on making sales and customer satisfaction. In case you have any challenges with any of our stairlifts, we have a support team on standby that will help you make the most out of our products and offer prompt solutions to your clients.

Access BDD has been part of the global conglomerate that is thyssenkrupp and we have mastered the art of German engineering and quality production. We have been producing stairlifts since 1976 and over the years, we have amassed valuable experience and lessons that make us one of the most distinguished stairlift companies in the country. By partnering with us, you’re assured of success. All you have to do is market your business and we will take care of providing you with quality systems and training for the best results.