Home Lifts

Access BDD Altura home lifts offer luxury, comfort and ease of installation. They are designed to fit into almost any situation, indoors or outdoors, in existing buildings, renovations or new builds.

Altura Diamond

Quieter than a silent room, the Altura Diamond domestic home lift brings you the very best in comfort and has elegant styling to match your home.

Home Lifts

Altura Platinum

Experience luxury with the Altura Platinum, a versatile lift for a wide range of applications. The Altura Platinum can be designed to suit any requirements.

Home Lifts

Altura Gold

With its smooth ride and choice of elegant styling options, the Altura Gold platform lift is the perfect lift that brings luxury living to any building.

Home Lifts

home lifts

Experience luxury with the Altura home lift range. At Access BDD, we have home lifts in a wide range of sizes and configurations home lifts that offer elegant styling to match your home.

What are Home Lifts?

Home lifts are special mobility solutions, also called domestic lifts or a through-floor lifts, that help the user move between floors independently and safely. Home lifts are common among seniors and people with less mobility. They are a great option for homeowners who plan on remaining in their homes instead of going into an independent living community.

Like our other mobility solutions, we offer several home lift options to suit different budgets, user needs and floor plans. These include;

Altura Diamond

The Altura Diamond home lift adds comfort and elegance with silent operation to every home. It’s driven by a unique gearless motor and cog belt system that glides smoothly between floors giving you the smoothest and quietest rides possible.

The Altura Diamond home lift is versatile, with applications inside and outside the house. It can come with a self-supporting metallic shaft or a masonry shaft. The design of the lift is compliant with European safety standards and suitable for private and public buildings.

Adding a home lift is in an important step for many homeowners, that’s why we provide an exclusive range of styling options to ensure your Altura Diamond home lift becomes a part of your home. You can choose your own design from our range of high-quality finishes for walls, accents, control panels, floors and ceilings, or you can go with our Diamond collection cabins.

The lift has a soft start and stop device for a smooth ride. Press and release your destination button and wait to reach your destination.

Altura Gold

The Altura Gold is another smooth gliding home lift that brings a touch of luxury living to any building.

For homes and users that pay attention to detail and want a luxurious touch with their home lift, the Altura Gold will fit right it.

It has premium features and options that customise the lift to your home and needs. You get to choose the size of the platform lift, among other aspects that make you feel right at home in the lift.

The Altura Gold home lift comes with an open-sided platform enclosed within a metallic shaft. It can be installed in small spaces without compromising comfort, and it is super easy to access.

Installing the stairlift requires minimal construction, which can be completed in a few days. The Altura Gold is compliant with the highest European safety standards. It runs on standard and mains electricity which makes installation easier.

Other notable features of the Altura Gold include a soft start and stop device, a user-friendly control panel and an extensive range of sizes, colours and details for the shaft, walls, floors and doors. You can customise the lift to match your surrounding and needs.

Altura Platinum

Our Altura Platinum series is perfect for homeowners who appreciate life’s finer things. This versatile lift is ideal for a wide range of applications. It can be designed to suit many arrangements and requirements.

The Altura Platinum features our reliable hydraulic technology. The lift is available in various configurations making this a highly adaptable option that can be used for a wide range of private and public applications. The lift can be installed with its own free-standing shaft or can be installed in a masonry shaft.

Like our other offerings, the Altura Platinum comes with the soft start and stop device as a standard guaranteeing an exceptionally smooth ride. It’s not just your requirements and the floor plans we consider but also your preferences. We create a lift that suits your needs and matches your surroundings.

Installation takes a few days with minimal construction work if the lift is installed with its own shaft. It is offered in eight standard plan sizes that we can customise to your required dimensions.

Our home lift range

Find the perfect home lift at Access BDD and provide yourself with the comfort you deserve whilst improving the mobility in your home. We have a rich history of helping numerous businesses grow by providing them with quality, high-end, cutting-edge technology home lifts that match the needs of their clients.

If you’re looking for a reliable home lift supplier that can meet your demand for both luxury and functional home lifts, you are at the right place. Our range of home lifts is designed for comfort, easy installation and a luxurious finish. They will fit into virtually any home and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Explore an extensive catalogue of domestic house lifts here at Access BDD. With our innovative design and engineering team, we have come up with some of the most impressive home lifts on the market.

Our rich collection of home lifts is designed to serve all types of applications, including standards, stairwell voiding, and cupboard to thru-car applications, among others. With our wide-ranging collection, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect home lift for your clients.

Benefits of Our Home Lifts

When thinking of mobility solutions that can help with your intention of remaining independent, home lifts make a good case for themselves because of their unique benefits. Such benefits include;


Home lifts are some of the safest mobility solutions available. They are literally foolproof. Combined with the design and safety features we add, the home lift is a fort that keeps you safe as you move up and down the house. The home lifts eliminate most hazards like tripping and falling down the stairs.

Easy installation

When making adjustments to improve your independence, time is of the essence. That’s why we make the lifts easy and quick to install. The home lifts come with a built-in shaft and a masonry shaft. The lift can be installed in a few days with a built-in shift. That means you get full access to your house sooner and with less cost and intrusion.

Space saving

Home lifts come in unique space-saving designs. Compared to having a flight of staircases, home lifts take less space, revolutionising your design and allowing you more space. The home lift can even be installed outside and have access doors inside the house.

Home Lift FAQs

Are the home lifts noisy during operation?

Our home lifts have very little operational noise. They are extremely quiet. Our Altura Gold is as silent as a silent room. You don’t have to worry about waking other people when you have to use the lift in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

How long does it take to install a home lift?

The home lift takes a couple of days to install after arriving. There’s minimal construction work required. But that depends on the type of shaft on the lift. The installer can advise on the scope of work.

Why You Should Partner with Us

Comprehensive collectionYou will never have to turn a client away because of lack of supply as we offer a huge home lift collection. We have domestic house lifts designed for all kinds of spaces and applications and we also have customisable options for clients with unique needs or requirements.

We are reputable and reliable – Since 1976 we have been providing our partners with products to satisfy their needs and grow their turnover. We have built a reputation as a trusted and reliable seller after working with thousands of businesses. 

Get a competitive edge – With the mobility market constantly growing, we are starting to see more competition. However, we offer quality customer support for all our partners and our high volume production allows us to offer our partners more favourable rates which result in our partners enjoying better profit margins.