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Luxurious and customisable home lifts for any situation

Access BDD is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Home Lifts

Our range of home lifts are the ultimate solution to any mobility problem around the house. Designed to provide mobility with a hint of luxury and comfort, the Altura domestic stairlifts are easy to install and will fit into any situation; Indoors or outdoors, in existing buildings, renovation or new buildings.

For public or private buildings

Easy installation

A range of custom solutions

Altura Diamond

Enjoy silent operation, comfort, elegance, convenience and styling to match your home with the Altura Diamond home lift.
Be part of the smoothest and quietest ride imaginable as the Altura Diamond glides between the floors courtesy of the gearless motor and cog-belt system. Altura Diamond is designed to be quieter than a quiet room!

Altura Gold

Choose from the numerous and elegant, stylish options of the Altura Gold for a truly personal experience. The Altura Gold delivers a smooth ride and a luxurious feeling to any building.
The open-sided platform of the Altura Gold with a metallic shaft is perfect for small spaces, but doesn’t compromise on comfort or the ease of access.


Gulliver is a product of excellent design with a powder-coated galvanised steel and infill panels that come in choices of steel, glass or laminate. To meet the highest standards of safety and comfort, Gulliver is made from the highest quality materials and impeccable engineering process. It comes complete with its own shaft so you don’t need a masonry shaft.


The Orion is a highly customisable vertical platform built for efficiency and easy installation. The innovative design of Orion features an energy efficient hydraulic system that works within a masonry shaft, and comes in a wide range of colours and finishes to blend in with its surrounding. High quality materials guarantee optimum performance and durability.

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At Access CBD, we help businesses grow by providing them with precise, accurate and bespoke home lift solutions fitted with high-end and cutting edge technology. Each of our rich collection of home lifts is designed to help different clients realise the goal of unlimited mobility.

Access BDD is perfect for every business that prioritises comfort, luxury, and functionality when looking for home stairlifts. We have a diverse range of home lifts that are a true definition of comfort and luxury. They are easy to install, perfect for outdoor and indoor functions and will fit into almost any home.

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With Access BDD, you have a partner that has an extensive catalogue of custom domestic lifts to match the needs of your customers. With our innovative design and engineering team, we have come up with some of the most impressive home lifts in the market. These include:

Altura Diamond – this domestic lift is designed to offer a quiet, seamless and smooth ride. It has an elegant finish that can be customized to match the finishing of your client’s home. The lift is driven by a gearless motor and glides easily between floors.

Altura Gold – this home solution is designed to bring luxury and comfort to any home. It has an open-sided platform with a metallic shaft making it ideal for installation in small spaces or in areas that require easy access.

Gulliver – the Gulliver home lift is built for safety and comfort. The infill panels on the lift can be made from steel, glass or laminate depending on the preference of the end-user. It comes with its own shaft which makes installation easier and improves performances.

Orion – this is a hydraulic lift system which is installed using a masonry shaft. The lift is easy and quick to install and comes in a wide range of customisable colours depending on the preferences.

Our rich collection of home lifts are designed to serve all types of applications including standards, stairwell voiding, cupboard to cupboard and thru-car applications among others. With our extensive range, you’re guaranteed of always finding the home lifts that your clients request.

Why Partner with Us

Comprehensive collection

Our comprehensive collection of home solutions means that you never have to turn a client away because of lack of supply. We have home lifts designed for all kinds of spaces and applications and we also have customisable options for clients with unique needs or requirements. With us, you will always have a solution for your clients.

We are reputable and reliable

Access BDD started supplying mobility aids in 1976. Over the years, we have worked with thousands of businesses helping them to meet their demand and grow their turnover. We have built a reputation as a trusted and reliable seller that delivers quality and carefully tested home lifts ideal for all applications.

We are constantly investing in research to improve our products. Our affiliation to thyssenkrupp which is a global technology giant has given us an edge when accessing financing and top tier talent to develop our products.

Get a competitive edge

The mobility market is growing! The competition is now stiffer than ever. With us as your partner, you have edge over your competition. We offer quality customer support for all our partners and our high volume production allows us to offer our partners more favourable rates allowing them to enjoy better profit margins. We are one of leading stairlift companies in the world, we will offer you the benefits that we have.