Platform Lifts

Access BDD offers the ideal vertical and inclined platform lift that’s specifically designed for wheelchair users or people with mobility difficulties. We are able to design a platform lift to suit your needs, fitted with easy-to-use, ergonomically designed controls, and advanced safety and security features.


Because of its unique rail concept, the Supra lift is suitable for installation on almost any type of staircase; straight or curved, indoors or outdoors. Supra’s dual rail concept is robust in design and doubles up as a handrail, creating optimal use of space. Special attention has been paid to safety and quality. The Supra lift has been tested to TÜV standards and is CE certified.

Platform Lifts

Supra Linea

The Supra Linea is an inclined platform stairlift for straight staircases, advanced in design and ergonomics, created to meet the needs of customers who demand the best in comfort and quality. Its soft colours, rounded shapes, foldaway safety arms and its minimum encumbrance are just some of its stand out features.

Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts

A platform lift is a device designed to assist individuals with limited mobility in navigating changes in elevation. It provides a safe and convenient means of vertical transportation, allowing wheelchair users or individuals with difficulty climbing stairs to access different levels or areas.

A platform lift typically consists of a platform that can accommodate a wheelchair, scooter, or a standing user, and it is equipped with safety features such as guardrails, non-slip surfaces, and secure restraints to ensure stability during operation. The lift is controlled through user-friendly buttons or switches.

What is a Platform Lift?

We have a comprehensive range of mobility solutions. Each is designed to meet specific mobility needs and floor designs, ensuring the user overcomes various challenges getting from one floor of the property to another.

A platform lift, also known as a wheelchair lift or vertical platform lift (VPL), is a mechanical device designed to transport individuals with disabilities or limited mobility between different levels of a building.

These lifts are operated by simple controls, usually located on the platform itself or on a wall-mounted panel nearby. The user can easily operate the lift independently or with minimal assistance. Safety features such as handrails, non-slip surfaces, emergency stop buttons, and sensors are integrated into the design to ensure a secure and reliable experience for the user.

At Access BDD, we offer straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. You can choose from our range depending on space and user requirements.

Benefits of a Platform Lift

We build all our lifts with the customer and end-user in mind. Each option offers varying benefits for its applications. For platform lifts, these benefits include;


Our platform lifts are fitted with numerous safety features and devices and are tested to the highest European standards to guarantee the user’s safety. Common safety features and devices added to our platform lifts include anti-impact and anti-shearing devices and handrails.

Ideal for public applications

Platform lifts are more robust than stairlifts, which can only hold one person per trip. They can hold multiple people and up to two wheelchairs without compromising speed and safety. This makes them perfect for public applications in busy buildings.

Unrivalled comfort

Our platform lifts get you from one point to the next in opulence and comfort. They are fitted with quality and soft materials that ensure you’re comfortable during the ride. They are easy to operate, and everything is within reach for easy operation. The ergonomics of the device make it easy for users to get on and off with minimal to no help from staff.

our Platform lift range

Access BDD has an expansive collection of platform lifts for its partners that can help to overcome different obstacles for different users.

A platform lift is an ideal solution for people with physical disabilities who find it difficult or impossible to use stairs. If you are in need of wheelchair lifts to get over raised platforms, then a platform lift is ideal to help you feel confident and safe whilst you’re moving up and down stairs. While this is the primary use of wheelchair lifts, with a little tweak in design, they can also be used for other applications around the house and in outdoor spaces.




The Supra platform lift has been designed with a unique rail concept suitable for installation on almost any type of staircase, indoors or outdoors, giving users full access to their homes or public spaces.

The Supra’s dual rail concept doubles up as a handrail giving users more confidence and safety while riding the platform lift. Featuring an ergonomic design to deliver the best, most comfortable, and safe platform lift capable of moving up and down with minimal effort from the user.

Despite the Supra’s robust design and diverse applications, it has a slim profile that requires minimal installation space and is fitted with parking options and platform sizes that make it ideal for busy public spaces.

The Supra is certified to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-40:2020 standards. It is also fitted with other safety features, including anti-impact and anti-shearing devices that bring the lift to a quick and smooth stop if it encounters an obstruction on the staircase.


Supra Linea


The Supra Linea is a platform lift designed for straight staircases with a constant gradient. We have manufactured this lift to meet the needs of customers, with an advanced and ergonomic design, it delivers the best in comfort and quality. The lift comes in soft colours, rounded shapes and other safety and space-saving features to maximise mobility.

The Supra Linea can be installed indoors and outdoors. The exposed surfaces of the platform lift are made from anodised aluminium to guarantee a rust-free product that stands up to the elements boldly as it executes its functions. The easy-to-use joystick or push buttons to move the lift up and down the stairs safely with minimal effort by the user.

Both the Supra and Supra Linea are loaded with safety and comfort features to guarantee the well-being of their users. To begin, the lifts are certified to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC standards and are fitted with anti-impact and anti-shearing safety devices. The lift will come to an immediate stop if it encounters an obstruction. It can also come with an overload device for public installations to ensure it conforms to the European norm EN81-40:2020.

Platform Lift FAQs

How long does installing the Access BDD platform lift take?

Our platforms are quick and easy to install. On average, installation can take between 1-3 days. The installation requires minimal construction work and is non-intrusive.

Do the platform lifts come with a warranty?

We build our products to the highest quality standards and have optional warranties that stand by our quality and workmanship. With each product’s purchase, we provide our partners with a dedicated contact to our technical team.

What are the benefits of buying an Access BDD platform lift?

By buying an Access BDD platform lift, you’re relying on years of engineering and manufacturing excellence. You’re buying products that have been perfected over the years by a brand that has specifically focused on providing mobility solutions. Access BDD is an industry leader with unique and patented technology ensuring we deliver the best, the most comfortable, practical and safest platform lifts. With our dedicated partner support line, you get quality platform lifts and after-sales services.