Platform Lifts

Safe accessibility for wheelchair users in public or private buildings

Access BDD is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of Platform Lifts

Re-define mobility with our range of Supra and Supra Linea incline platform stairlifts. Perfect for outdoor and indoor installation, as well as on straight and curved staircases. Fitted with state of the art safety and security features with ergonomic and easy to use controls. Enjoy a fully customisable experience with our range of vertical platform lift solutions for public buildings.

For straight or curved staircases

Ergonomic design

Accessibility for all

Altura Gold Pro

Provide instant access to different types of buildings with the affordable and compact design of the Altura Gold Pro. With various plan sizes and options, the Altura Gold Pro is a perfect match for all your mobility and accessibility needs.
Open up your establishment to all members of the public. Altura Gold Pro can be installed in new buildings with renovation projects or in private or public properties like offices, restaurants or offices. It’s fitted with a metallic shaft for durability and dependability.


Supra is designed for convenience and comfort. The unique rail design allows for installation on straight and curved staircases and the platform works both indoors and outdoors. The dual rail doubles up as a handrail optimising space use. The high-quality platform is tested and meets the TUV standards and is CE certified.

Supra Linea

Supra Linea have a contingent of convenience and safety features to guarantee comfort and quality. It’s an inclined platform stairlift designed for straight staircases.
Welcome to the Supra Linea world of convenience, soft colours and foldaway safety arms full of elegance and minimum encumbrance.

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Platform lifts are designed to help wheelchair users get over raised platforms. Our range of options can be tweaked to serve other applications in outdoor spaces as well as around the house.

We have an expansive range of high-quality wheelchair stairlifts for our partners. Each stairlift is designed to help users get over different obstacles and for different situations.

Our range of platform lifts include:

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Wheelchair Stairlift Solutions

Altura Gold Pro

The Altura Gold Pro platform stairlift is an affordable option that provides access to users in different buildings within a selection of plan sizes. The lift can be installed in both private and public spaces. It has a metallic shaft which makes it easy to install and is ideal for offices, restaurants, shops, and other public spaces. It is a great way to open up your business and improve accessibility.


For buildings that have stairs but not accessibility ramps, the Supra platform stairlift is the perfect solution. It can be fitted on almost any staircase both straight and curved thanks to its unique rail concept. The rail also doubles as a handrail allowing the lift to use the least space possible to offer the most function. As with all our lifts at Access BDD, special attention has gone into designing and testing the quality of this platform lift.

Supra Linea

For inclined and straight staircases, the Supra Linea offers a reliable and easy to use solutions. It has an advanced design and ergonomics and is ideal for customers who value comfort. The platform has rounded edges and soft colours and the safety arms can be folded away. It’s an ideal option for private spaces like homes where a stairlift might not work.

Our range of home lifts and wheelchair stairlifts will easily solve all the mobility problems that most users using a wheelchair face. In addition to our high-quality line of products, you will also have full access to our support team to ensure you’re able to deliver to your clients on time and without fail.

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