platform lifts

Safe accessibility for wheelchair users in public or private buildings

Access BDD is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of platform lifts

The Supra and Supra Linea inclined platform lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors, on straight or curved staircases. The platform is fitted with easy to use, ergonomically designed controls, and advanced safety and security features. Our vertical platform lifts complete the range, offering a full suite of customisable accessibility solutions for public buildings.

For straight or curved staircases

Ergonomic design

Accessibility for all

Altura Gold Pro

Altura Gold Pro is a compact and affordable lifting solution that provides instant accessibility to many types of building. A selection of plan sizes and options allows the Altura Gold Pro to meet your specific needs.

With its metallic shaft, Altura Gold Pro can be installed in either public or private properties, both in new buildings or in renovation projects. It is suitable for shops, offices, restaurants and many other public places, opening up your establishment to all members of the public.


Because of its unique rail concept, Supra is suitable for installation on almost any type of staircase; straight or curved, indoors or outdoors. Supra’s dual rail concept is robust in design and doubles up as a handrail, creating optimal use of space. Special attention has been paid to safety and quality. Supra has been tested to TÜV standards and is CE certified.

Supra Linea

The Supra Linea is an inclined platform lift for straight staircases, advanced in design and ergonomics, created to meet the needs of customers who demand the best in comfort and quality.
Its soft colours, rounded shapes, foldaway safety arms and its minimum encumbrance are just some of its stand out features.

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