The Flow 2 is a curved stairlift and a market leader when it comes to stairlifts for narrow stairs whilst being the smartest lift of its type.

A Smart and Compact Stairlift

What makes the Flow 2 lift different to any other stairlift is its capability of swivelling during the ride both up and down the stairs. This unique and patented feature makes this curved stairlift capable of fitting most staircases, straight, around corners or even spiral.

This curved stairlift looks simple on the outside but the technology on the inside is extremely ingenious. The angle of the staircase can vary from -70 degrees up to 70 degrees.
By using its patented power swivel system, the Flow 2 stairlift is proven to tackle staircases as narrow as 61cm (24 inches) wide, swivelling the footrest as it goes.

Manufactured using the very latest technology, the award-winning Flow 2 stairlift can be considered the most adaptable stairlift in the world, the most ideal curved stairlift for narrow stairs. Contact us for more information about the Flow 2.

Our customers are huge fans of the Flow 2 lift: “I'm really pleased and very happy with the style of my Flow2 stairlift. I'm over the moon that I don’t have to walk up and down the stairs anymore, I’m over the moon with the whole thing.”


It’s all about you

Designed with you in mind, the Flow2 has an ergonomically-shaped seat which provides you with an enjoyable and comfortable ride.

Compact and Discreet

When not in use the Flow2 is folded away to only 340mm on any landing, out of the way of other staircase users.


Your safety is of paramount important to us. The Flow2 stairlift is certified to machine directive 2006/42/EG and BS EN 81-40.

Flow 2Features

As well as being established as an ideal stairlift for narrow stairs, Flow 2 provides you with many features to keep you safe while you are travelling up and down the stairs:

- Seat belt - feel secure while travelling.
- Sensitive edges - the stairlift will stop if it comes into contact with an obstacle during travel.
- Emergency brake - this is installed to prevent the stairlift from travelling too fast as a result of gravity.
- Emergency lowering system - your stairlift will return to the bottom of the stairs in the event of a battery running out.
- The Flow 2 stairlift is certified to machine directive 2006/42/EC and BS EN 81-40.

The Flow2 stairlift can be installed on staircases as narrow as 610mm and as steep as 70°.

Certified To The Highest



Max 0.15 m/s

Drive Type

Rack and pinion

Motor Wattage

350 W – Drive Motor
350 W – Drive Horizontal Motor

Weight Capacity

125 kg


2 x 12 V batteries; total 24V


Joystick control as standard

Staircase Incline

Up to 70°


Machine Directive 2006/42/EG BS EN 81-40

Automatic Stop




Retractable Safety Belt