Wheelchair Stairlift

Wheelchairs are a crucial tool for users with compromised mobility. However, they can pose a great challenge for seniors who want to continue enjoying the comfort of their homes and living independently. Using a wheelchair requires extensive modifications to your property to make it wheelchair accessible.

With a wheelchair stairlift, also known as a platform lift, you can get back to your dream of independent living by making your home more accessible while reducing the amount of construction work required for your home.

Wheelchair lifts are also available for public spaces, making them more accessible to people with reduced mobility and seniors.

What is a Wheelchair Stairlift?

Wheelchair lifts are more commonly called platform lifts, a mobility device designed to assist individuals with mobility impairments in navigating stairs or elevated platforms. It’s a crucial device to have at your residence to help you get around the house more easily, safely and comfortably.

Although our wheelchair lifts are designed to serve the same purpose – they come in different configurations to suit various types of staircases, including the Supra Linea for straight staircases and the Supra for staircases with curves or landings.

Supra wheelchair lift

Access BDD offers a range of wheelchair and home lifts to cater to different users with different needs. The Supra wheelchair lift is one such option. This particular model is highly versatile. It can be installed on almost any type of staircase, straight or curved, indoors or outdoors.

The Supra wheelchair lift has an advanced ergonomic design developed in consultation with leading consumer associations to ensure it is made to the user’s specifications. It comes with an easy-to-use joystick or optional push buttons making it easy to use alone without any assistance.

It has a unique rail concept that doubles up as a handrail creating optimal use of space. Particular attention is paid to the quality and safety of the lift, ensuring it is tested to the highest standards.

The lift has a slim, foldable profile. You can put it away when not in use so that it takes up little space on the staircase when not in use. This sleek feature makes the lift a great addition to busy buildings with coveted spaces.

All our mobility devices are designed with the customer’s safety at the core. The Supra wheelchair is certified to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC standards and EN 81-40:2020 standards. It’s also fitted with special safety gadgets like anti-impact and anti-shearing devices. These bring the lift to an instant stop if it encounters an obstruction.

Supra Linea Wheelchair lift

Our other wheelchair lift option is the Supra Linea for straight staircases. It features an ergonomic design matched to the user’s needs, delivering quality and comfort. It comes in soft colours, rounded shapes and various safety features that make it the perfect addition to any senior and individual with reduced mobility looking to enjoy a more independent lifestyle.

The Supra Linea is the perfect solution to many architectural challenges and for making the building more accessible. It is manufactured to meet customers’ needs chasing quality, mobility and comfort. The platform lift has an advanced design and is manufactured using the best quality materials and components, including anodized aluminium, to guarantee a rust-free product for outdoor applications.

Notable features of the Supra Linea include the slim, foldable design that allows it to be parked to open up space for other users. This feature also makes it a great fit for busy public spaces like malls. This wheelchair stairlift also features safety arms to keep the user secure and provide them additional support during the ride.

Benefits of a wheelchair Stairlift

Wheelchair lifts offer a wide range of advantages when installed according to specific requirements and applications. At Access BDD, we prioritise users’ needs and provide mobility solutions that deliver the most value. Some of the benefits of our lifts include:


We prioritise customer safety by equipping our wheelchair stairlifts with advanced safety features such as anti-impact, anti-shearing, and overload prevention devices.

Wide range of applications

We manufacture durable wheelchair lifts for indoor and outdoor use, and on curved and straight staircases, enabling easy access and mobility for all.

Superior comfort

Our stairlifts provide a comfortable and stylish way for wheelchair users to move between floors. Every aspect of the design has been carefully considered to ensure the best possible user experience.

Wheelchair Stairlift FAQs

Can I install the wheelchair stairlift outside?

Yes, Access BDD wheelchair lifts can be installed outside. They are made from durable, weather-resistant materials that are ideal for outdoor use.

How long will the installation of the wheelchair lift take?

On average, it takes about one to three days to install a new wheelchair lift. The installation process doesn’t require a lot of construction work, and the process is not intrusive.

Does the lift come with a warranty?

We stand behind the quality of our products and workmanship. We provide an option warranty that can be purchased with your lift. We also provide maintenance and servicing training to our partners to ensure they can help the customers get the most out of their new mobility equipment.

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