Helping Mr and Mrs Smith enjoy their home for longer

By Bethany Ward on 8th July 2024

A Flow X curved stairlift which was installed by Sunbury-on-Thames based Kudos Stairlifts is making all the difference for Mr. and Mrs. Smith from South East England.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith had always loved the water, having previously had a boat, so they decided to build their dream home by the river.  “We love our home and when I recently dislocated my hip it made us realise that we needed to start planning for our future as I was finding the stairs increasingly challenging following my accident” commented Mrs. Smith.

The couple contacted several stairlift suppliers that they had seen advertised on TV, but each one had the same response – “I am afraid your staircase is too narrow to accommodate a stairlift”.  They then started to look online with the same lack of success and were ready to give up when they found one of our business partners – Kudos Stairlifts.

“When they explained their situation with regards to the staircase, I knew immediately that the Flow X from Access BDD would be the perfect solution” explained Prakash Mohan from Kudos Stairlifts.  The design team from Kudos visited the Smith’s home to determine their exact needs and conduct a 3D survey to show them how the Flow X would look when installed.  “The survey was sent to Access BDD, and they came back with exactly what we wanted” continued Prakash.

“The engineers were fantastic, they said it would be a challenging installation, and they certainly surpassed the challenge.  We are amazed at how the Flow X effortlessly glides round corners – it is so clever,” commented Mr. Smith.

“Here at Kudos, we love a challenge, and we love the Flow X as it has the capability to turn and rotate while moving which allows us to even navigate every step if needs be.  The culture at Access BDD is to know our business as a partner and know our customers – they are always listening to us and their products just get better and better” concluded Prakash.