We are a leading global and UK company manufacturing mobility solutions, including stairlifts, home lifts and platform lifts for selected partners around the world. Our mobility solutions are manufactured to the highest standards, whilst guaranteeing a friendly, professional service for our customers.

Why ChooseAccess?

Since 1976, we have been supplying bespoke stairlift solutions from our location in Teesside, when the company was founded as “Project and Design”, manufacturing the Stair-El stairlift for private customers and local authorities.

Access BDD has been part of one of the world’s leading elevator companies, TK Elevator, since 1999, and we currently supply a network of partners worldwide.
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Having the ability to move around freely should never be taken for granted. We pride ourselves on helping people regain their independence by offering a range of mobility solutions to help overcome barriers and provide easier access to public and private buildings.

As a company, we are proud to be a part of manufacturing stairlift solutions that make a big difference in improving the lives of people facing mobility difficulties.

Looking for the perfect modern stairlift? Check out our entire range, including the Flow X curved stairlift, and the award-winning straight stairlifts: the HomeGlide, HomeGlide Extra and the HomeGlide Outdoor. When you are searching for a modern stairlift, Access BDD is here to make life easier for you. 

Home Lifts
Home Lifts

Access BDD Altura home lifts offer luxury, comfort and ease of installation. They are designed to fit into almost any situation, indoors or outdoors, in existing buildings, renovations or new builds.

Home Lifts
Platform Lifts
Platform Lifts

Access BDD offers the ideal vertical and inclined platform lift that’s specifically designed for wheelchair users or people with mobility difficulties. We are able to design a platform lift to suit your needs, fitted with easy-to-use, ergonomically designed controls, and advanced safety and security features.

Platform Lifts

Your Global Partner

We pride ourselves on building successful, long-lasting partnerships with businesses globally and putting our partners at the heart of every business that we make. We operate exclusively as a business-to-business supplier, allowing our partners to guide us to their needs and expectations.

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As a business-to-business supplier, we sell our stairlifts, platform lifts and home lifts through a network of fully qualified and approved partners. Our partners benefit from a full range of services, from product and sales training to installation and after-sales care.

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We believe that the ability to move around freely should never be taken for granted. We help people to regain their mobility and independence by offering a range of products to overcome barriers to accessibility in public and private buildings. We are proud to say that our products make a big difference to the daily lives of people with mobility difficulties.

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Accessibility for All

For Straight or Curved Staircases

Ergonomic Design

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Easy Installation

A Range of Custom Solutions

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Stairlifts Company

For over 30 years, Access BDD has invested in making life easier for all people by providing high-quality customer support for our partners and helping their businesses grow. Through experience, we have learnt that bespoke stairlifts can never be one-size fits all products. Different homes have different requirements and different users have different needs.

To match the ever-changing needs in the market, we have perfected our bespoke stairlifts section to help our partners provide accurate support and mobility solutions to their clients. We have a wide range of bespoke stairlifts designed for different users in different settings and situations.

Stairlifts for All Staircases

We know that different homes have different types of staircases. That is why we have bespoke stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases. For straight staircases, we have stairlifts that can work on U-shaped and L-shaped staircases. We also offer platform lifts and more.

We also have customised stairlifts for different designs of curved staircases and spiral staircases. Our most notable product in this category is the Flow2 stairlift with advanced balancing that can manoeuvre the tightest corners without affecting the experience of their user.

No matter the design of the staircase, get in touch with our design team today and we will help you design an appropriate stairlift ready for delivery.

Ergonomic Design

We understand that users might find it hard to use the new mobility equipment. To make it easier to adapt to the new system and make it easier for users to accept them we offer custom finishes and aesthetics that can match the finish of the user’s home or their favourite colour. When placing an order for your custom stairlift, you can share the details with our team.


The best thing about our bespoke stairlifts is that they focus on solving the needs of individuals. If you’re ordering a stairlift for a user who might have accessibility problems our team can help to customize the seat, foot and armrests to make it easier for your client to access the seat and stairlift.

At Access BDD, we believe in offering all people a fair chance at freedom and mobility. With our range of customised stairlifts, we are able to achieve. Our approach also ensures that our partners never have to turn away a client because they can’t deliver on their needs.


When it comes to safety, we have built a reputation for going overboard. We include plenty of safety features and we are always innovating and researching to find new ways to make our products safer and more reliable. We always adhere to the highest standards of design, installation, maintenance and servicing of our stairlifts to make sure your clients have the best possible experience when using our products.

Become a Partner Today!

Join our long list of partners from all over the world and enjoy the benefits of working with a giant multinational stairlift company. Our wide range of products will help you expand your client base while our quality and rigorous testing will help you build trust and reputation with all your clients.

We provide round the clock and professional customer support to our partners to make sure you have all the right information when you need it. You get technical support on all our equipment and quick response through our partner portal.

As our partner, you also get incredible pricing on all our trendsetting mobility equipment and customised stairlifts. We supply a variety of partners and because of volume production, our cost of production is lower allowing us to give our partners more favourable prices on our products.

We are part of the global technology giant thyssenkrupp. We have access to world-class manufacturing and testing facilities which ensures that all our products are reliable and dependable. Being part of a global conglomerate, we are able to do better research and design products that take better care of the end-user.