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Flow Stairlift


The Access BDD stairlift range consists of the Flow2 curved stairlift and the award winning straight stairlifts, the HomeGlide, HomeGlide Extra and the HomeGlide Outdoor.

For over 30 years, by providing the highest level of support to our dealers, Access BDD has specialised in making life easier for both private and public customers.

Your customer has spent a lot of time, effort and money to ensure that their home is a warm, inviting retreat where they are proud to welcome friends and family and now they are concerned that having a stairlift is going to ruin this wonderful ambience that they have created?

With an Access BDD stairlift, a stairlift no longer has to be an unpleasant, obtrusive piece of machinery on the stairs – our range of products are specially designed to blend discreetly into the home, or to be customised to become a stunning feature of the home.

Before selecting the Access BDD stairlift which is right for your customer, why not take the time to consider the following interesting facts which may help to answer some questions your customer may have about owning an Access BDD stairlift:

All Access BDD stairlifts are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest European Standards to ensure maximum safety to all users.

All our stairlifts are secured to the stair treads and not the wall.

Access BDD stairlifts can be installed within less than a day causing minimal upheaval to the home.

Complete after-sales documents and instructions are provided so that you can be sure that when your installation engineer leaves the customer with the product, they will have everything they need for their stairlift.

Access BDD stairlifts are very simple to operate either via an ergonomically designed switch on the armrest of the stairlift or via wall mounted remote control ‘call and send’ units.

Due to the slim-line design of the Access BDD range of stairlifts, most of the staircase is left clear for other members of your customer’s household when the stairlift is folded up in its ‘park’ position.

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