Stairlifts for Narrow Staircases

If you have a narrow staircase in your home, you may think that a stairlift is not an option for you. However, with the Flow X stairlift, you can enjoy the benefits of a stairlift even if you have a narrow staircase. With various rail start and end options, your staircase can still be accessible to others in the household.

How do stairlifts work on narrow staircases?

Even if you have a narrow staircase, the Flow X stairlift can be installed to provide you with the support you need to move around your home. The Flow X stairlift is designed to be installed closer to the step and on either side of the staircase, making it less obtrusive and allowing your staircase to remain accessible for other family members in your home. When you choose ASL technology, the footrest swivels with the seat ensuring your legs and feet remain in a natural and comfortable position, relieving any additional strain on your joints.

Although narrow stairlifts are more compact and have a more diminutive stature, we don’t compromise their safety and comfort.

The Flow X

The Flow X stairlift is a revolutionary stairlift designed to provide seamless movement for those who need assistance moving up and down stairs. With outstanding levels of comfort, confidence, and craftsmanship, the Flow X is our most complete single-rail curved stairlift yet. This innovative product is designed to blend into your home effortlessly while providing you with the support you need to move around your home with ease.

The Flow X is designed to work with all kinds of narrow stairs, straight or curved, and is fitted to your staircase, making installation quick, easy and efficient with minimum disruption and damage to your home. The advanced swivel and levelling technology (ASL) that enables the stairlift to rotate while staying perfectly level and in motion. With this technology, you don’t get startled as the stairlift is manoeuvring different curves and landing points on the staircase.

The seat of the Flow X has a large backrest and seat area for comfort when using the lift. It also has a five-degree recline that promotes the natural and healthy posture of the spine to meet your comfort needs and a footrest to keep you comfortably seated. You can blend the stairlift into your home by choosing from our vast range of fabrics that include vinyl and leather for the upholstery of the stair lift. The stairlift also comes with the angular armrest, another of our patented technology that keeps the seat from moving until the armrests are in the correct position. This vital safety feature ensures you’re sitting in the correct position before the seat starts moving.

With its high-quality design and build, the Flow X also instils confidence in its users. The lift is designed and tested to the highest standards and meets the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN81-40:2020 standards.

Whether it is for the safety and innovative features or the compact size, the Flow X is one of the best stairlifts for narrow stairs.

Benefits of a Narrow Stairlift

Narrow stairlifts work the same way as standard stairlifts and offer many of the same benefits. But they also have some unique benefits that only apply to them.

Space-saving design

Stairlifts designed for narrow staircases are specifically tailored to fit in limited spaces. They feature compact designs that utilise minimal space, allowing individuals to navigate narrow staircases comfortably and without obstructing the staircase for others.

Increased accessibility

The primary advantage of a stairlift is that it provides enhanced accessibility for individuals with mobility issues or physical disabilities. By installing a stairlift on a narrow staircase, you can enable people to move between floors independently and safely without the need for assistance or the risk of falls.

Preserving the home’s aesthetics

Narrow staircases may be a challenging space to work with when it comes to accessibility solutions. However, modern stairlifts are designed with aesthetics in mind. They often feature sleek and unobtrusive designs that blend with the existing decor, preserving the overall aesthetics of the home without compromising functionality.

Narrow Stairlift FAQ

What are the staircase size requirements for a stairlift?

Standard stairlifts require about 29 inches of staircase width to be installed. If your staircase is narrower than this, you should consider installing a narrow stairlift.

Can the narrow stairlift work on a curved staircase?

The Flow X is designed for both straight and curved staircases. The installer will assess the design for your staircase and come with a customised railing to match the design of your staircase and the number of landing spots.

Is there a restriction on narrow stairlifts?

Narrow stairlifts are more versatile than their standard counterparts in terms of space. But like our other options, they have a weight capacity of up to 275 kg, depending on whether it is a straight or curved stairlift.

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