Flow X Stairlift

Designed for seamless movement, the Flow X provides outstanding levels of comfort, confidence and craftsmanship.
The Flow X is designed to fit on narrow staircases, whether they are straight or curved. Fitted to your staircase and not your wall, the Flow X is installed quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to your home and blending into your home seamlessly.
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Its all about you

When you choose the Flow X stairlift, you ensure the best fit for your home.

Call Device
Call Device

Stay connected with friends and family with up to three different telephone numbers contactable directly from your stairlift.


With a comfortable soft-touch grip, the integrated joystick is designed for you to fold away neatly in the armrest when not in use.


Flow X’s one-handed operation seatbelt and wrap-around armrests keep you secure throughout. Having a seatbelt detection system as a standard feature ensures that you are properly secured before starting your journey.

ASL Technology
ASL Technology

Our Advanced Swivel and Levelling technology (ASL) allows it to be fitted on staircases as narrow as 610mm. This feature, unique to Flow X, enables your stairlift to rotate while in motion, making it one of the most versatile stairlifts in the world.

Ergonomic armrests
Ergonomic armrests

Flow X’s innovative armrests provide several key benefits. They have an ergonomically-tapered form, designed to give you extra support both when standing and sitting. And thanks to the unique open-access armrest position, transferring to a stairlift has never been easier.

Single rail design
Single rail design

Even in cases where the staircase is narrow and steep, with a single discreet rail, the Flow X can be installed closer to the step and on either side of the staircase. Your stairlift will be less obtrusive, and your staircase remains accessible for other family members in your home.

Flow X carries me smoothly up and down the stairs and has taken a lot of hassle out of my life. It looks lovely in my home too. I would certainly recommend it!”

Technical Specification

Certified to the highest standards

Speed (Nominal)0.1 m/s
Drive TypeRack and pinion
Motor Wattage350 W
Weight Capacity125 kg (275 lbs)
Automatic StopYes
Staircase InclineUp to 72°
OperationArmrest detection and foldable joystick control as standard
Batteries2 x 12V batteries, total 24V
CertificationMachinery Directive 2006/42/EC EN 81-40:2020
Model CodeRP01-CU
FootrestAvailable in 2 sizes – adjustable to 5 positions
Seat HeightAdjustable to 4 positions 515 – 585mm (floor to top of seat)


Here are some frequently asked questions about the Access BDD Flow X stairlift.

The Flow X stairlift has several safety features, including the smart detection device in the armrests, a one-handed operation seatbelt, and wrap-around armrests to keep you secure throughout travel.

The Flow X stairlift has been designed and tested to the highest standards, including the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-40.

The weight capacity of the Flow X stairlift is 125 kg (19 stone).

Flow X stairlift can be fitted on staircases as narrow as 610mm, thanks to its Advanced Swivel and Levelling technology (ASL). This feature, unique to Flow X, enables your stairlift to rotate while in motion, making it one of the most versatile stairlifts in the world.

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