Straight Stairlifts

If you’re having trouble navigating the stairs, a straight stairlift can be a great solution for your home.
When it comes to maintaining your independence, being able to move around your own home is essential. Installing a straight stairlift can significantly improve your accessibility and help you regain your freedom.

What is a straight stairlift?

Straight stairlifts are specifically designed for staircases with no bends or curves. They provide a safe and convenient means of accessing different levels of a building without the need for physical exertion or assistance. The user sits on the chair and operates the stairlift using controls on the armrest or a handheld remote.

Straight stairlifts are simple to install and can be customised to fit the dimensions of the staircase. However, if a staircase has bends, intermediate landings, or changes in direction, a curved stairlift would be required instead.

What is a straight stairlift?

Enjoy the benefits of a straight stairlift

Cost Effective

Installing a straight stairlift will cost you a fraction of what it would to modify or move home to support your mobility needs. Installing a straight stairlift takes less than a day. It’s a fast, efficient and affordable way to help you navigate the stairs.


Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our straight stairlifts are packed with safety features and are certified to machine directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-40:2020 and UKCA standards.

Restore independence

Stairs can be an obstacle in accessing different levels of your home, which can result in a loss of independence. However, you can regain your independence and freedom with the help of a stairlift. The lift provides a safe and easy way to access all levels of your home.

Straight stairlifts from Access


The HomeGlide stairlift delivers a solution for all straight staircase requirements and budgets. Designed for effortless simplicity with superior comfort and value.

HomeGlide Extra
HomeGlide Extra

By choosing the HomeGlide Extra package, you
receive all of the features and benefits of the
HomeGlide standard with further features to
ensure the most comfortable ride.

HomeGlide Outdoor
HomeGlide Outdoor

With the HomeGlide Outdoor package, you can enjoy outdoor access whatever the weather. It has passed corrosion, rain protection and climate testing to ensure reliability and performance outdoors.

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Straight Stairlift FAQs

How much does a straight stairlift cost?

The price of your stairlift depends on multiple factors such as your staircase length and any additional features you may want purchase. For a personalised quote please contact one of our approved dealers.

Can a straight stairlift be installed on either side of the staircase?

Yes, the HomeGlide straight stairlift can be installed on either side of the stairs. However, choosing the side based on the surroundings at the top and bottom of the stairs is more logical.

Are my stairs suitable for a straight stairlift?

We always advise that you consult with a professional stairlift installer to enure your staircase is suitble for a stairlift. They will consider factors such as your staircase condiditon, staircase width and any obstacles that may hinder the stairlift’s path.

How long does it take to install a straight stairlift?

Fitting a straight stairlift is a swift process that takes about three hours to complete. However, the installer might need to come beforehand to take the measurements so they arrive with the rail pre-cut to the length of your stairs.

Can the stairlift work without electricity?

Yes, our straight stairlifts are also battery-operated. In case of a power cut, the battery can power the stairlift.