Stairlifts Yorkshire

Access BDD stands is one of the most reputable stairlift companies around the world. Our 30 years of operation in different parts of the world means that we have the experience to handle any bespoke design. We adopt an individual approach to each stairlift, and that combines with attention to details and quality to make us the best.

When exploring the world of mobility solutions, it can feel overwhelming. That’s why at Access BDD we carefully select our partners to ensure they are able to provide both an informative and supportive service to our customers. In Yorkshire, your local Access BDD partner will do just that and will support you throughout the entire process.

We operate via a global network of specialist providers who supply our award-winning mobility equipment across the world and we have 30 years of experience in this sector. In choosing us, you will be linked with an expert and have access to the most advanced stairlift technology available. We ensure that your needs are listened to thoroughly to come up with a workable mobility solution together.

If you would like to be put in contact with your nearest dealer in Yorkshire, please fill out the form at the end of this page.

Bespoke Stairlifts for Curved and Straight Staircases

The thought of having a stairlift fitted to a staircase in your home might seem like a daunting task. However, with Access BDD on board, you will be allocated a team of expert designers who have experience with fitting bespoke stairlifts to staircases of all shapes and sizes. They will take the time to carefully consider your space and ensure that you are included in finding the perfect personalised solution. Our designers have experience working with curved, steep, and narrow staircases so don’t worry if you have a complicated staircase in your home.

Alongside the design team, Access BDD provides expert support along the way. So, should you have any questions either before, during or after installation you can be in touch with your Access BDD dealer in Yorkshire and they will be able to answer your query. They will make sure that you feel in the loop with the whole process and that you are in control every step of the way.

If your staircase is of the complicated variety you might be offered our flagship Flow2 stairlift. This hi-tech stairlift can work its way around tight corners and steep gradients with ease, keeping the user safe and comfortable throughout the ride.

Luxurious Design

Making your stairlift personalised doesn’t just stop at the design, you will also have control of the way it looks. We offer our customers the choice of a range of colours and finishes for their stairlift so that it matches the style of their home. Our comfortable seats are also available in a luxurious leather upholstery which you can select as an upgrade.

Of course, the way your stairlift looks is important, but so is the way it feels and how easy it is to use. Fortunately, with our years of experience, we have created a stairlift design that is both highly functional and straightforward to control. You will be given the option to try one of our stairlifts by your Access BDD dealer in Yorkshire which will reassure you that our stairlifts are easy to use, comfortable and safe.

Your Local Service in Yorkshire 

We understand that installing a piece of mobility equipment in your home is not a decision to be taken lightly, and requires some careful thought and consideration. The team at Access BDD Yorkshire have been fully trained to ensure that they prioritise your needs from the off, meaning you should feel able to ask as many questions as you need and never feel pressured into anything.

At Access BDD we operate our global network of partners from our head office in the North East of England and are a division of the larger technology giant thyssenkrupp Access Ltd. We are proud of our trusted network of partners who supply our award-winning mobility equipment to those that need it.

To find out more about having a stairlift installed in your home please fill out the contact form below. The details you provide will solely be used to link you with your Access BDD dealer in Yorkshire and they will only attempt to contact you one time.