Home Lifts

Enhance your mobility with a home lift
Experience luxury with the Altura home lift range. We supply home lifts in a wide range of sizes and configurations home lifts that offer elegant styling to match your home.
Altura Diamond
Altura Diamond

Quieter than a silent room, the Altura Diamond domestic home lift brings you the very best in comfort and has elegant styling to match your home. Its elegant design and advanced features seamlessly integrate into your home, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience between floors.

Altura Platinum
Altura Platinum

Experience luxury with the Altura Platinum, a versatile lift for a wide range of applications. The Altura Platinum can be designed to suit any requirements. Designed to fit into almost any situation, this lift offers convenience and accessibility, whether it’s for existing buildings, renovations, or new builds.

Experience the benefits of a home lift

Improved Accessibility

A home lift provides easy access to all levels of your home, eliminating the need for stairs and making it easier for individuals with mobility limitations to move between floors.

Enhanced Safety

With features like smooth start and stop, emergency stop buttons, and safety sensors, home lifts prioritise safety, reducing the risk of accidents and falls.

Luxurious Convenience

Enjoy the convenience of effortlessly moving between floors, carrying heavy items, and avoiding physical strain. Designed with elegance and style in mind, seamlessly integrating into your home’s decor.

What is a home lift?

We understand that having a home with multiple floors can be challenging, which is why we offer home lifts specifically designed to make your life easier. Our lifts provide ultimate convenience and add value to your property, ensuring a long term benefit for you and your loved ones. Our domestic lift can carry up to five people, making it a luxury addition to your home.

What is a home lift?

Home Lift FAQ’s

The number of floors a home lift can travel depends on the specific model and design. Generally, home lifts can be customised to accommodate various numbers of floors, ranging from two to five or more.

Yes, home lifts can be designed to accommodate wheelchairs. The Altura range is suitable for wheelchair users and conforms to all relevant accessibility standards. They can be equipped with wider entrances, spacious cabins, and features like ramps or foldable seats to facilitate wheelchair accessibility.

Home lifts require appropriate structural support, and it’s important to consult a professional to assess the strength of your walls. In some cases, additional support may be necessary, such as the installation of load-bearing walls or structural modifications to ensure the lift is properly supported.

The design of home lifts can vary. Some models may have a small ramp or threshold at the entrance, while others can be designed with a flush floor that eliminates the need for a step. The specific configuration depends on the manufacturer and the customisation options chosen.