Altura Diamond

Experience true luxury with the Altura Diamond platform lift.
Driven by a unique gearless motor and cogbelt system, the Altura Diamond glides between floors, giving you the smoothest and quietest ride imaginable. The sound level inside the lift is lower than the average background noise in a silent room – that’s how quiet it is.

A platform lift for every situation

When you choose an Altura Diamond, you’re choosing the best in comfort and luxury.

Smooth from start to finish
Smooth from start to finish

The exceptionally smooth ride in an Altura Diamond lift begins and ends gently with the soft start and stop device fitted on all lifts. Simply press and release your destination button and relax until the doors open again at the end of your ride.

Design your lift
Design your lift

With an exclusive range of styling options, your Altura Diamond lift can truly become part of your home. Choose one of our Diamond Collection cabins, or create your own design from our range of high-quality finishes for walls, floors, accents, control panel and ceiling.

Keeping you and your family safe
Keeping you and your family safe

The lift is protected by a back-up battery power supply. A battery guard continuously monitors the charge level to ensure that there is always enough power in the batteries to run the lift in case of a power-cut. A handrail, an alarm button and two-way communication are all included as standard. When installed in public buildings, the lift can be secured with a selection of locking options.

Easy to install
Easy to install

The Altura Diamond can be installed indoors or outdoors, either in its own structural metallic shaft, or in a masonry shaft. The lift mechanism is fully contained within the shaft and the lift runs on standard mains electricity. Altura lifts are fully compliant with all relevant European safety standards and are suitable for use in private or public buildings.

The architect who designed our house recommended an Altura Diamond lift. It’s a delight to use because it runs so quietly and smoothly – and it looks great in our hallway too.”

Technical Specification

Luxury in every detail

Technical ComplianceMachinery Directive 2006/42/EC Reference standard: EN81-41
Drive SystemCogbelt and counterweight system driven by a gearless motor
Rated SpeedEurope: max. 0.15 m/s (2006/42/EC). Outside Europe: Up to 0.4 m/s, where permitted by local regulations.
Travel Height1100–18000 mm
Number of StopsMax. 6 stops per lift
DoorsMax. 2 doors per floor / 12 doors per lift
Type of AccessesFrontal, lateral, opposite or adjacent
PitMetallic shaft: 140 mm. If a pit is not possible the lift can be used with a ramp. Masonry shaft: 140 or 250 mm depending on configuration. See catalogue for details.
Shaft typeMetallic structural shaft or masonry shaft.
Shaft Top HeightStructural shaft: 2450–2630 mm Masonry shaft: 2350–2450 mm
Cabin TypesFully enclosed with sliding doors or with folding doors
ControlsAutomatic (one-touch) controls on cabin and landing. Call reservation on landings
ApplicationIndoor or outdoor
Emergency LoweringBattery operated emergency lowering with uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Control Voltage24 V
Motor2.8 kW
Power Supply1-phase 230 V 50/60 Hz 16A
Maximum Power1.85 kW (when used at 0.15m/s) 3.5 kW (for up to 0.4 m/s)
Circuit Breaker/ RCD16A tripping curves C/ 30mA class A or B
Rated Load250–400 kg according to cabin size.