A guide to caring for elderly parents

Published on: 6th December 2019

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Getting old is a fact of life, but this doesn’t make it easy. As your parents grow older you are likely to find that the responsibility for their care and well-being falls on your shoulders. To assist with this, we have put together a brief guide with some advice on how to care for elderly parents.

  1. Have an open discussion with them

It is never easy asking for help, so approaching the subject of your elderly parents’ support needs should be done sensitively. If you think that there are areas where they are struggling, you can put forward some suggestions of what support could be put in place to make their lives a bit easier. A sensitive and solution-focused approach will go a long way in helping your elderly parents get the help they need and a living situation that is right for them.

  1. Maintain regular contact

With increasingly busy schedules it can be difficult to see your parents as much as you would like to. However, with modern technology, checking in with them from afar has never been easier. Scheduling in regular phone calls, text messages or even Skype chats is a great way of ensuring you are regularly in tune with how they are doing. It also gives your parents reassurance that you are just a phone call away if they need help.

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  1. Suggest they join a community group

Staying active in old-age is essential in remaining healthy both physically and mentally. Look up some community groups close to where your parents live that you think they might be interested in. Peer support and engagement can be invaluable when getting older, as your elderly parents can share their experiences, fears, and hopes with those going through the same changes in life.

  1. Make sure they have something to look forward to

Getting older can mean that one day rolls into the other with little variety. However, this certainly doesn’t need to be the case and planning in regular events for your elderly parents to look forward to is a great way of ensuring they remain active and enthusiastic about life. Put a few dates in the diary of activities to do with them and this can make a huge difference.

  1. Introduce them to modern technology

With access to the internet, your elderly parents will open up a world of possibilities. Ensuring that they get the hang of modern technology not only means you can remain in contact in a variety of ways, it also will allow your parents to connect with others, look up events in the local area and have the world at their fingertips.

Caring for elderly parents can be difficult, particularly when you have a busy work and family life already. Staying in regular contact, being open to their changing needs, and making use of community resources will go a long way in assisting your elderly parents to remain happy, safe and contented in their old age. They may even new a new stairlift installed.