Do stairlifts use a lot of electricity?

By Bethany Ward on 11th January 2023

People often ask ‘how sustainable are stairlifts?’. In this modern era, we find ourselves trying to be more conscious about how our actions and purchases affect the environment. A common misconception about stairlifts is that they are big machines that are powered by a lot of energy, which leads users to question their impact on the environment. This article aims to give a clearer picture of how stairlifts impact the environment and your energy bill. 

How will a stairlift affect my energy bill?

When it comes to stairlifts, there are two types: AC (electricity-powered) and DC (battery-powered). The popular choice which has the best impact on your electricity bill is a DC stairlift, with AC more old-fashioned. The beauty of a DC stairlift is that they are battery-powered and don’t require a direct connection to your energy mains, so they don’t use up copious amounts of electricity. You’ll barely notice any changes to your electricity bills once you’ve installed your stairlift. The only time your electricity will be required is when your batteries need charging. You’ll save cash due to battery replacements being mercifully infrequent, which is great long-term.

The usual energy cost of a stairlift is comparable to a small household appliance, despite the size of them and the job they do. The efficiency of the stairlift’s battery-powered design means that electricity is only taken when it needs to be. Not only will your stairlift have a minuscule effect on your energy bills, but it also won’t be affected by power cuts either. A DC stairlift allows you to travel up and down the stairs whilst having minimal impact on the environment, whether you have electricity or not. The Access BDD Flow X and HomeGlide stairlifts are battery-powered and cost just £9.05 per annum to run (January 2023).

How do stairlifts impact the environment? 

So now we know about the energy efficiency of stairlifts and how they affect your finances, what are the environmental benefits of a stairlift? As stairlift energy consumption is minimal they are a great eco-conscious addition to your household, which is a benefit in itself.

Another important factor that impacts the sustainability of a stairlift is its lifespan. Access BDD stairlifts are known for their durability and reliability. With proper use and servicing our lifts can be a one-time investment, meaning less cost to you and a better impact on the environment. Stairlifts are also highly recyclable and many stairlift suppliers offer a buy-back policy for their stairlifts, saving trips to the landfill and reducing any strain on the environment. Suppliers also refurbish and sell old stairlifts to new customers, even breaking them down for new parts. So if they’re no longer needed in your home, they can be recycled and used elsewhere.

We understand that the impact on the environment starts before the lift is installed in your home, it comes at the start of the manufacturing process. This is why, as a company, we are also committed to reaching net-zero global emissions by 2050. We operate with zero waste to landfill and our electricity is 100% renewable, giving you peace of mind when you purchase an Access BDD stairlift.

Invest in an energy-efficient stairlift with Access BDD today

Preventing accidents in your home doesnt have to impact the environment. If you’re looking for a stairlift, then contact our team at Access BDD today. Our friendly team of experts are happy to help with any questions you may have.