How much does a stairlift cost?

By Bethany Ward on 15th May 2023

Stairlifts are a great solution for individuals with difficulty navigating stairs in their homes due to age, injury, or disability. However, before purchasing a stairlift, many people want to know: how much does a stairlift cost? In this blog post, we’ll break down the factors that affect the cost of a stairlift.

Factors Affecting Stairlift Cost

You should consider other variables when determining how much it will cost to install a stairlift. In addition to the factors mentioned above, you should consider the following.

Cost by Model

Base model options don’t have as many customisable features, reducing the price while retaining essential features.

With a premium stairlift, you can customise most aspects of the stairlift with additional features for added comfort and safety.

Feature Factors

Stairlifts are designed to be as comfortable as possible. However, the more features they have, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Manual swivel seats, safety belts and battery backups are usually standard. A premium option will have more customisable features that will add to its cost like;

  • Automatic footrest
  • Automatic fold-up rails
  • Calling systems and handheld remotes.

Besides the convenience, some stairlifts can have built-in features to help address specific mobility issues, which can be customised.

The length of the Staircase

The installer will consider the number of steps on your staircase when drawing up the quote for your stairlift. Shorter staircases with fewer twists and turns will cost less, while longer staircases will cost more because of the length of the rail. Other staircase factors that could influence the cost of your stairlift include the number of landing spots and curves.

Maintenance and Repair

Once the stairlift is installed and functional, you must consider the running costs. The cost of running the stairlift is minimal due to its battery-powered features. For the best performance, reliability, and durability, you must ensure your stairlift goes through yearly checks performed by a qualified installer or partner to ensure it is in proper working order.

Some installers offer a yearly lift maintenance program for an annual fee. The maintenance programs also offer 24-hour emergency services. During the installation, you should ask the installer about these details. You should contact the dealer for service if the lift is under warranty.

Condition of the Stairlift

The condition of the stairlift will substantially impact the overall cost of installation. Some installers can rent the stairlift for a reasonable monthly fee. This is a useful option if you intend to use the stairlift for a limited period while recovering from surgery or an injury.

Rentals have a much lower initial cost and low monthly rates. With a rental, you must pay for the stairlift installation and a deposit.

Some people also opt to install a certified pre-owned stairlift to save money. These cost less depending on the stairlift’s model, features and age. Reputable installers will inspect and refurbish the stairlift before making it available. However, you must be sure the dealer can service the lift if you choose to buy a pre-owned model.

Additional Factors to Consider

While cost is an important consideration, there are other factors to consider when purchasing a stairlift. Here are a few:

  1. Safety: Stairlift safety is crucial. Ensure that the stairlift you choose is equipped with the latest safety features, such as seat belts and sensors that detect obstacles on the stairs.
  2. Warranty: Stairlifts are a significant investment, and protecting that investment is essential. Look for a stairlift with a warranty to ensure you are covered in case of any issues.
  3. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is critical to ensure that your stairlift remains in good working condition. Look for a company that provides regular maintenance and repair services.
  4. Staircase Design: The cost of a stairlift largely depends on your staircase’s design. Straight staircases are the simplest and cheapest to install, whereas curved staircases require custom designs and are more expensive.
  5. Stairlift Features: There are a variety of features available for stairlifts, such as swivel seats, safety belts, footrest sensors, and power options. The more features you choose, the more expensive the stairlift will be. Read more about different stairlift features here.
  6. Stairlift Brand: Different brands have different pricing structures and quality levels. High-end brands may offer more features and custom options, but they may also be more expensive.
  7. Installation: The installation cost varies depending on your staircase’s complexity and the installation’s location. If your staircase requires extensive modifications, the installation cost may increase.

In conclusion, a stairlift is a significant investment that can significantly improve your quality of life. The cost of a stairlift depends on various factors, including staircase design, features, brand, and installation. By considering these factors and getting a quote from a reputable company, you can budget for the cost and ensure that you make an informed purchase decision.