The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Stairlift 2024 – Tips and Advice

By Bethany Ward on 3rd May 2021

Introduction to Buying a Stairlift in 2024

Navigating the world of stairlifts can be overwhelming, but finding the perfect solution to enhance your mobility and independence is worth the effort. This ultimate guide will help you make an informed decision with tips and advice for 2024, featuring insights into our premium stairlift models, Flow X and HomeGlide.


Assessing Your Needs for a Stairlift

Before exploring specific models, it’s important to understand your unique requirements. Consider the following:

Staircase Type: Is your staircase straight, curved, or narrow? Our Flow X model is extremely versatile and can fit both straight and curved staircases, even those as narrow as 610mm. Or choose the HomeGlide for your straight staircase.

Mobility Needs: Assess your mobility level and any additional support you might require. For example, the HomeGlide offers a comfortable, ergonomic seat with powered swivel and linked footrest options, reducing physical strain.


Understanding Different Types of Stairlifts

It’s essential to choose the right type of stairlift that fits your home’s architecture and your mobility needs:

Straight Stairlifts: Designed for staircases without any curves or bends. Our HomeGlide and Flow X models are perfect for straight staircases, providing a smooth and comfortable ride with a sleek aluminium rail.

Curved Stairlifts: Ideal for staircases with bends, turns, or intermediate landings. The Flow X is our most versatile model, featuring Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology that ensures seamless navigation around curves.

Outdoor Stairlifts: Built to withstand various weather conditions, these stairlifts are perfect for outdoor use. The HomeGlide Outdoor model includes weather-protected engineering, ensuring reliable performance year-round.

Compact Stairlifts: For homes with narrow, spiral or steep staircases, compact models like the Flow X provide a space-conscious solution without compromising on comfort or safety.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Stairlift

When choosing a stairlift, focus on features that ensure safety, comfort, and ease of use:

Safety First: Look for features like retractable seatbelts, safety sensors, and battery operation for continued use during power cuts. Ensure the stairlift you choose meets safety standards in your country, as a minimum. Our stairlifts are certified to the highest safety standards (Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, EN 81-40:2020, and UKCA).

Comfort and Ergonomics: The Flow X redefines comfort with its ergonomic backrest, padded seat, and automatic folding footrest. Meanwhile, the HomeGlide offers a luxurious seating experience with fire retardant and liquid-repellent upholstery.

Ease of Use: Our stairlifts are designed with intuitive controls. The HomeGlide features a user-friendly joystick, while the Flow X includes an integrated call device and a one-handed operation seatbelt.


Choosing the Right Stairlift for Your Home

Tailor your stairlift to match your home and personal preferences.

Aesthetic Choices: Choose from various contemporary, high-quality fabrics and finishes to blend seamlessly into your home decor. Options include Natural Beige, Mountain Grey, Firenze Smoke, Basalt Grey, Mineral Blue, Firenze Tan, Pearl Blue, Coral Orange, Firenze Grey, and Deep Red. For a luxurious touch, select from our vinyl and leather finishes that are both stylish and easy to maintain.

The Flow X offers a discreet single rail in Stone Grey, White, Pale Brown, and Dark Brown to match your staircase and home aesthetics.

Functional Upgrades: Enhance your HomeGlide with the Extra Package, which includes a powered swivel seat, linked footrest, and adjustable seat height for a personalised fit.

Household obstructions:  If you have a doorway or open space at the bottom of your staircase, your stairlift could get in the way. Thats why with the HomeGlide stairlift you can opt for an automatically powered hinged rail to be installed. This feature folds away the lower section of the rail when not in use, keeping the bottom of your staircase clear. With the Flow X, you can choose from standard, vertical start, vertical short start, horizontal overrun, and parking curve configurations. Each configuration ensures the stairlift fits perfectly and operates smoothly within your space.


Comparing Stairlift Prices and Budgeting

The prices of stairlifts vary based on various factors and your individual needs. It’s essential to prioritise your safety and comfort when considering the price. You might have to pay a little more to get a top-of-the-line stairlift, but over the years, it will offer you a better and safer experience, and you will feel more comfortable using it. In the UK, straight stairlifts start at £3000, and curved stairlifts start at £7000. 

Some of the factors that will affect the cost of your stairlift include;

Type: straight stairlifts generally cost less compared to curved options. This is attributed to the complex nature of the railing, motors, and programming that goes into curved stairlifts.

Customisation: The stairlift can be customised depending on your requirements and preferences. Some of the customisable parts include the rail, upholstery and additional features. The cost will be slightly higher if customisation is required for your stairlift.

New or reconditioned: You don’t always have to install a new stairlift in your home. If you find the cost of a new stairlift too heavy to bear, a reconditioned stairlift is a viable option. It’s more affordable and performs just as well as the new option.

You are buying vs. renting: If you need the stairlift for a short amount of time, you can rent one. The benefits are the same. But renting only makes sense when you need the stairlift for a short period. If you need one long-term, buying is a more practical option and proves cheaper in the long run.


Understanding the financial aspect

Understanding financing can help manage the cost of a stairlift:

Payment Plans: Many providers offer flexible payment plans, allowing you to spread the cost over several months or years. Discuss these options with your local Access BDD partner to find a plan that suits your budget.

Interest-Free Credit: Some providers offer interest-free credit options, making it easier to manage payments without additional financial burden.

Discuss financing options with your local Access BDD partner to find a solution that suits your financial situation.

Grants and Funding in the UK

In the UK, several grants and funding options can help cover the cost of a stairlift:

Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG): This grant is available from local councils to help disabled individuals make necessary adaptations to their homes, including installing stairlifts. The amount awarded depends on your household income and savings, but it can significantly reduce the cost.

Access to Work Scheme: If your stairlift is needed for work-related reasons, this government scheme can provide financial support for equipment and adaptations.

Charities and Non-Profit Organizations: Various charities, such as Turn2us, The ACT Foundation, and Independence at Home, offer grants and financial assistance for home adaptations. These organisations can provide additional support based on individual circumstances.

Local Authority Funding: Some local authorities offer discretionary funding for home adaptations. It’s worth checking with your local council to find out what support is available in your area.


The Stairlift Installation Process

Pre-Installation Assessment: Before installing the stairlift, an authorised Access BDD partner will visit your home to conduct a comprehensive assessment. They will evaluate your staircase’s dimensions, layout, and structural integrity to ensure the chosen stairlift model fits perfectly and operates safely. This allows the stairlift to be customised to your exact specifications, including preferred seat height, rail colour, and additional features.

Installation Day: On installation day, qualified engineers will handle everything, protect your home, review the plan with you, and securely fit the stairlift rail to your staircase.

Post-Installation: After the stairlift is installed, the technician will conduct comprehensive tests to ensure it operates smoothly and safely. This includes checking all safety sensors, the seatbelt, and the battery function. Provide a detailed demonstration of how to use the stairlift, including operating the controls, using the safety features, and performing basic troubleshooting. You’ll also receive a user manual for reference. Explain the importance of regular maintenance and how to keep your stairlift in top condition.

Our Access BDD partners offer service packages to ensure your stairlift remains reliable and safe.

After-Sales Support and Maintenance

Our products are backed by extensive technical support and maintenance from our trained partners. Regular maintenance checks will keep your stairlift in top condition. Features like the Flow X’s emergency lowering button and the HomeGlide Outdoor’s safety key lock provide additional security and peace of mind.


Choosing the right stairlift is a significant decision that can significantly enhance your quality of life. By considering your specific needs and exploring the advanced features of our Flow X and HomeGlide models, you can find a solution that offers both independence and comfort. Our Access BDD partners are here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring you make the best choice for your home and lifestyle.